The Voyager: Everyday (by land)

The Voyager: Everyday (by land)

  • $19.00

In just one click get everything you need to create Sewtoot's The Voyager: Everyday (by land)! Choose your own webbing colour.

Get the pattern by clicking here.

Kit contains:

Two 1" D-rings
Two 1" Side-release buckles (dual adjust)
One 2" Side-release buckle (dual adjust)
One 3/4" Side-release buckle (single adjust)
Two Quick Attach Sternum Strap Adjusters
3.75 feet of 1" knit elastic
10.5 feet of 1" webbing
4.5 feet of 2" webbing
18" of 3/4" black webbing
One 16" x 7" piece of 1" open cell foam

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